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Blissful   Healing Therapy

You are cordially invited to an hour vacation on our very cozy table...

You are just one massage away from a very good mood...

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doTERRA  Products

"The Body achieves what the Mind already believes"

Take control of your health with these essentials. doTERRA pure essential oils are very potent. Whether you are applying oils topically, consuming them internally, or using them aromatically, essential oils empower individuals to naturally maintain their health and the health of their family, and of their Pets with the utmost confidence.

Remember that a little goes a long way. Always follow doTERRA's usage recommendations.

An application for everyday situation.

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Nadia, your doTERRA wellness Advocate

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doTERRA is creating a healthy culture, not just with oils. It is a Trusted Health Care.

We live in a time when health-related options and ideas are more readily accessible. With the many choices available, the question often becomes.

WHO do I trust?

The answer can be found in personal experience. You can be confident in your approach as you discover simple, safe and empowering solutions.

As you personally experience these powerful benefits, you will understand why doTERRA is revolutionizing the way families manage their health.

               Nadia, Holistic Health Practitioner, HHP

                    Licensed Massage Therapist, CMT

*** CannabLisS   oils ***

Uncompromising Purity, Quality and functionality: Bringing back the strength of Traditional plant medicine to modern problems.  Simply put, it's nature to the next level...

BHT, now offering Apothecanna: The first All-natural beauty and body care supercharged with cannabis. Designed to enhance your active lifestyle and manage aches and pains. The all natural active ingredients in Apothecanna are purposely selected for their therapeutic values...

Compounds found in the cannabis plant known as "cannabinoids" CBD interact with receptions throughout our body to relieve inflammation, increase circulation, reduce stress and help balance the body and senses.

Thanks to its nutritious, tailor-made organic formulation and wild-crafted therapeutic essential oils for specific therapeutic purposes. No filters, no parabens, no synthetic ingredients, no fillers, no artificial colors or fragrance, no animal testing, no GMO and contain NO THC (mind-altering chemical responsible

for most marijuana's psychological effects).

Apothecanna is fast acting, long lasting and highly effective,

Apothecanna's botanical blends put cannabis Healing in yr hands:

After all, life's a sport and we can use all the support we can get!  Apothecanna is here to help.

I believe Natural treatments are best treatments.

Get your bottle today or book an upgrade.

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Percussion Massage Gun Therapy

          If you've ever gotten a massage, you know just how life-changing it can be, whether you're an athlete constantly dealing with aches and pains or a regular person struggling with good old fashioned "text neck". With a few elbows in your back and a few sweeps over those pressure points, you're suddenly in a lot less pain - And definitely less stressed,

The deep muscle stimulation provided by Massage Gun therapy can deliver those results.

Massage guns have become fast and effective way to get the job done. The percussive and vibrational nature of the massager have been engineered to increase blood flow, oxygen distribution, decrease and treat lactic acid filled muscle (builds up during exercise leading to pain) and interrupting the pain cycle in the brain. This is achieved by providing rapid concentrated pressure and short duration pulses deep into  the body, thus  accelerating tissue repair and increase Range Of Motion of tight joints and function,

This form of Deep Tissue can work knots and tension out of muscles while improving circulation and quickly enhancing ROM, boost muscular recovery.

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