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Blissful   Healing  Therapy

*Wellness  inspired

*Indulgence  delivered


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Blissful Healing invites you to experience a tranquil and healthy escape with the sound of complete healing music. Not a fan of Spa music? 

No judgement -

  You can request your favorite artist/genre or simply none.

Just like massage, music or silence can have a remarkable effect 

on the soul and body...

While we most often associate relaxation with slow, quite types of music; Even heavy sounds can be calming to some. 

We are also a BeautyPain management center, collaborating with chiropractors, acupuncturists and physical therapists.

What relaxes you?

Expect a Clean, compassionate and Healing vibes. 

Enjoy the serenity & wisdom Blissful Healing has to offer.

BHT offers a host of Massages & BodyWork modalities. 

Plus *Facials & *Beauty treatments options.

Blissfully yours,

All sessions include a 5 min Consult/Undressing and a 5 min Re-dressing/Check out

Some services may not be available 

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Blissful Swedish



Deep Healing




miscellaneous 53 final

Trigger point  therapy


Chair massage*

Manual Lymphatic drainage


^ Reflexology

Blissful  Express*

^ Reviving  Cold  marbles  Facial massage

^ Calming Indian head massage

Cupping Treatment




Thai Stretch

Bamboo  Fusion

Enhanced Muscle therapy

CBD massage:

Relief   & Recovery

Aroma Bliss + Healing

Hot Stones

Fire  &  Ice  

Body Scrubs  Or Foot scrubs ^


***Waxing (Full body or Parts)

***Eyelash extensions or Eyebrow tinting


**Men's Facials

**Stress Reduction back Facial


**Chemical Peels

*Facials  #1,  #2,  #3,  #4,  #5

^ Paraffin Hand Tx

**Skin Resurfacing + Rejuvenation

**Hydra Facial

SkinCare 2022

We will be offering Facials & Beauty treatments: Waxing, Eyelash extensions and MakeUp.

Coming Soon !

Blissful  Enhancements

Or  Add-on  (see booking)

$25   -15 mins         $45   -30 mins

#1European Facial:

Also called "Hydrating". For Healing Any dehydrated skin type.

This Tx nourishes your skin, relieving tightness and appearance of fine lines: Using massage + exfoliation to provide instant brighter look and glow to your face

Boosts Blood circulation and allows nutrients and Oxygen to be better carried throughout your face; Which evens out skin tone and texture

Just like plants need water to live and grow. So does your skin!

#2. Clarifying Facial:

aka  "ACNE" 

Comprised of deep cleaning, exfoliation and extractions, followed by moisturizing and massage, which improves skin clarity, reduces blemishes and soothes inflammation.

Boosts luminosity and balances complexions by polishing skin via dual exfoliation amplifying collagen production and soothing irritation via red + blue LED therapy while improving uneven tone and texture.

#3. Brightening Facial:

For Hyper-pigmented skin: A gentle Tx to visibly reduce the appearance of skin blemishes, discoloration and age spots. Enhances skin clarity and creates fresher, healthier appearance. Advanced formula contains Kojic acid, Vit A+C to brighten and balance overall skin tone leaving the complexion dewy + radiant

#4. Anti-Aging Facial:

As skin ages it becomes duller and develops lines/wrinkles/folds/fats.

Designed specifically to Restore youthful appearance and rejuvenate mature skin by improving the thickness + smoothness of skin; Thereby reducing appearance of wrinkles, creases. folds, as well as brightening up skin tone. Combines exfoliation, masking and LED therapy to tackle the symptoms.

#5. *Enzymes peel Facial:

Looking for a quick, gentle, natural wat to leave your skin radiant and refreshed? This Tx is for you. Composed of FRUITS enzymes and have many of same results of chemical peels without the harshness and downtime. Similar to chemical, Enzymes exfoliate skin by removing dead skin cells while nourishing the new layer of skin it leaves behind, unclog and shrink pores, diminish fine lines/wrinkles and scars. fades age spots, sun damage and redness

Blissful Healing Wellness,