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Blissful   Healing  Therapy

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A  message to our customers

Welcome back!  We've missed you so000 much!!!

While infection control has always been vital; COVID-19 is a daily reminder that it is our responsibility as Wellness and beauty professionals to keep ourselves and the clients we serve safe and virus-free. Providing a clean and healthy environment has always been our chief goal. BHT already followed strict cleaning and disinfecting protocols regulated by local agencies and federal licensing before the effects of COVID-19;

 And thanks to my 13 years dental background training on infection/cross contamination prevention

But we've now adopted extra safety precautions and placed even greater emphasis on cleaning steps, which includes: 

sanitizing and disinfecting;  Since sterilization does not apply to our industry or line of work.

We are invested and now remain committed  to continually evaluating what must be done to meet the needs of our customers and to adhere to CDC, County and State regulations. 

No short cut protocol here as we take this pandemic very seriously to protect our very own health. 

Again we pride in the great value on safeguarding our business for those who rely on our great care,

by giving you a little peace of mind in these troubled times.

The following safety precautions are being taken daily to protect the safety and well-being of you and myself

during your visit:

1.  I have taken 3 new and refresher courses on Salon/Spa/Hotel infection prevention earning 3 certificates; Which are displayed in the Spa room.

2 I wash my hands thoroughly and sanitize before and after client contact and in between sessions.

3. I use new EPA-Registered disinfectants  ('Barbicide' and 'Rejuvenate' -Advanced Hydrogen Peroxide]

which are ultimate solutions designed to fight germs, bacteria and viruses specifically in the Spa/hotel environment. 

These 2 trusted and effective products earn their reputation for creating a safe and clean salon environment.

+++Disinfectants are sprayed or wiped on tools, lotion/oil containers, counter-tops, face cradles, massage bed, cabinets/door knobs, chairs, light switches + all surfaces that you may come in contact with during your visit here.


4.  An infrared non contact forehead temperature is taken upon your arrival. Any reading 38°C/99°F 

and above must be rescheduled without penalty. 

5.   Mask must be kept on inside the room, with modification on the prone position so you "can Breathe!'  Right?

*  I will be working with my mask on for the duration of the session, as regulated by OSHA.

6.  No gloves necessary unless requested.  We use Non sterile No latex Non powder gloves.

7. We have invested in a 360 degree UV Germicidal lamp for a thorough sterilization + disinfection

 of every inch of the service room we may have missed; 

And a HEPA filter removing 99.97% airborne particles.

8. Room has now 2 sanitizing stations: Still the one on the counter, plus now one right by the door,

which you may use before opening the door on your way out.

9.  As a fair process:  Priority booking on vouchers  is given to all cancellations affected by the shut downs

 or expired vouchers due to COVID-19 closures. 

*We will only be in measure to handle and honor new vouchers again starting 03/11th*

 Expired vouchersNo worries. We will honor all expired vouchers thru 03/2021

10.  We are now spacing 15 minutes in between clients, instead of 5 minutes as previously,

 in order to ensure adequate disinfecting. 

◇Therefore we ask that you please wait outside of the building to avoid crowded hallways, 

until properly escorted into the suite.  Send a TEXT once you arrive.

NO seating. NO waiting inside the hallways!

11. Each visit now requires to E- fill out the respiratory massage form (use QR code below ⬇️) 

Valid only within 24 hours of your visit.

***Refrain from booking/Cancel your appt if you are/have experienced any of the symptoms lately***

DO NOT USE YOUR SICK DAY AS A SPA DAY!  We love you but not your fever.

Again STAY HOME IF YOU FEEL SICK. The same goes for me.

At the same time do not use this token to miss your scheduled and confirmed appt. 

 Please Be mindful and respectful of our business efforts to accommodate everyone and to remain in business.

We are working hard to keep you and our community safe and we know we can count on you, too. 

#together we can break the chain of transmission.

Should you have further concerns; Do not hesitate to ask. We are thrilled to be open back again. Finally!

We appreciate your patience & cooperation.  

Thank you for all of your continued support, virtually or in person.

 It truly meant the world to me. It keeps me strong and going.

 I am blessed for customers like you... Now, let's roll!

Stay safe and healthy !

With care & gratitude,



Tap/Scan the QR code above to fill out the Covid-19 Health intake for each appt.

No earlier than 24 hours prior to each visit

For your safety concerns, as well as for our own's

A message to our customers must be read  before proceeding