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Blissful  Healing  Wellness

"Ho​w old you are is your business...

How 'good' you feel is truly -my- businessNadia

        Soon, the idea of missing an appointment is simply unthinkable!


Tap/Scan the QR code above to fill out the Covid-19 Health intake for EACH appt.

No earlier than 48 hours prior to each visit

Our Credit card processor temporarily down. Meaning no c/d card or online gift cards processing 

Therefore unable to run any SPA FINDER gift cards, either

 you can only use PayPal for website online purchases

Our sincere deepest apologies as we are fixing the issue.

We will accept any other types of payment for the time being 

Our COVID-19 guide

Reservation - Cancellation  policy

 Please READ and acknowledge before booking

We kindly ask you allow at least 24-hour notice:

 ■  Holidays and SPA event bookings require 48-Hr notice.

      Or Deposit will not be refunded failure to do so.

■  Your c/d card only serves as a reservation or deposit to hold your appointment.

       It does not get charged upon booking. 


1- For a NO show or last minute cancellation (less than 4 hour-notice):

      The booking system will automatically charge 100% of the reserved scheduled time.

2- Late cancellation (less than 24 hour-notice) will be charged 50% of the scheduled reserved time.

3- Non payment received 24 hours after service rendered.

Please note:

■  A no show will automatically redeem your voucher as used or cancel your coupon use.

■  Cancelling more than 2X for the same appt will automatically forfeit the redemption of any vouchers/coupon.

BHT Groupon Policy:

■ Groupon user is 1st time/New customers only.

■ Groupon was designed to introduce merchants by "sampling" their services/products.

  *** Not intended for repeated uses or regular services.

  *** BHT allows 1 additional voucher visit only after 12 months.

■ Groupon may also be purchased as gift to be used by a new user/customer.

■ Gratuity is not included in the value of your Groupon, ClassPass, Thervo or SpaFinder

Coupons/Vouchers/gifts-cards and certificates are redeemable @ Business location only.

     Therefore we are unable to do outcalls or home visits on these prepaid or discounted services.

SWITCHING treatment on your voucher?  No problem. But may require a service fee upgrade.

■ EXPIRED voucher? No problem. But will require the unpaid difference in fees.

■  Please  mention   *Groupon   *SpaFinder   *ClassPass or *Thervo   on the memo line.

   *** For the multiple deals options; Please specify which Groupon offer ***

  ▪︎ Deals may not match exactly our regular service menu due to Groupon offers varying from time to time

   ▪︎We offer value Massage/Facial packages 

  ▪︎We offer Incentives for all these third parties return visits.


Your Groupon voucher, ClassPass reservation, SpaFinder giftcard or Thervo may not be combined

 with any other promotional offers.

    ▪︎ Purchase of a ClassPass, SpaFinder, Thervo or Groupon @Blissful Healing Wellness 

constitutes acceptance of BHT terms and conditions.

    ▪︎ Plus any fine prints stated on your purchase of Class Pass, SpaFinder, Thervo or Groupon.

Be advised: No exception

PREGNANCY:    1st trimester requires a Dr's release or if any complication(s) at any stage

                                           >>>>>> Indicate Stage and Condition of pregnancy on the memo line <<<<<<<

POSPARTUM:   Wait at least 8 weeks post-op Cesarean. Wait about 4 weeks for Vaginal delivery.

CANCER or Post-Surgery:  Please present release from treating Physician authorizing massage

Trauma/Car accident:   Allow at least 1 week before any bodywork with a Dr's note in order to proceed

Minors:    * Under age 18, Parent/Guardian signed consent.

                      * Under age 14, Parent/Guardian remains inside throughout session

 (Cupping, Hot stone, Lymphatic, Prenatal, Body scrubs, Waxing, Facials) may be contraindicated 

 based on your medical history, skin condition, current activity or drugs taking


   *** Use the memo line to indicate Allergies or Anything else we should be aware of

                   OR for any prior accommodation to be made for your comfort ***


           To protect Therapist and our customers, No service will be performed if any skin lesions until completely dry and healed. Or If you display any symptoms of covid-19, or An elevated temperature reading.

Sick, Been exposed or think you may be for any reason? REFRAIN from booking now!

*A health intake form will be filled out as a consent to perform Facials, Waxing or Massage/Bodywork*

Any concerns, please contact us.

We appreciate your cooperation, kindness and patience during these times and

We thank you for your consideration in seeking out our services today.

We look forward to meeting you!

With Care & Gratitude ;)



(feel free to text/call)


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